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r solar system, according to a key figure in the nation's space industry. An artist's conception of an exoplanet beyond our own solar system known to astronomers as LHS 3844b, which lies about 48.6 light years from Earth is shown in this handout photo obtained August 19, 2019. [Photo/Agencies] Yuan Jie, general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, said that the Miyin, or Voice Searching,

program has been listed as one of the company's top priorities to be realized around 2030. He was speaking to 500 students at Beihang University in Beijing on Thu

rsday. Yuan's company is a State-owned space conglomerate and the leading contractor for almost all of China's space endeavors ranging from the Shenzhou manned p

rograms to Chang'e lunar expeditions. He said the program intends to send spacecraft carrying telescopes and other cutting-edge detectors to help scientists find

potentially habitable exoplanets near the solar system and analyze their habitability. Researchers will also be allowed to conduct spectroscopic survey and expl

ore the distribution of water on planets inside the solar system, according to him. Yuan explained that key technologies of the program will include distributed

synthetic aperture array and high-sensitive, high-stable detection in extremely cold environment. He said the program is expected to open a new chapter in partic


ular realms in the astronomical observation and is likely to bring breakthroughs to the country's scientific

efforts. This is the first time that a high-ranking figure inside China's space circle has disclosed the country's attempt to find Earth-like planets around sun-like stars. Before Yuan, a handful of pieces of information publis

hed by local authorities and State-owned institutes in China had unveiled some facets about the Miyin program. A statement released in May by the Qian Xuesen Laboratory under China Academy of Space Technology in Beijing said the program was initiated in May 2018. It involves several academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engi


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published by Xidian University in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, quoted Meng Xiaojing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as saying that


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